Engineering paper (1/5 inch squares) printable

This printable 1/5 inch graph paper known as engineering paper features 0.20 inch squares. Paper is covered with a continous 1/5 inch square grid. You can download free printable templates of engineering paper. Variations include thin and leading bold lines, various colors and the size of the paper like letter and A4. Download free pdf sheets with 1/5 inch graph paper and print them easily.

Engineering paper (or Engineer's Pad), is traditionally printed on light green or tan translucent paper.

Engineering paper
A piece of engineering paper - thin lines

Engineering paper 7x10 thin lines (A4 format)

Engineering paper 7x10 with bold leading lines (A4 format)

1/5 inch grid paper
A piece of Engineer's Pad - bold lines

Engineering paper 8x10 thin lines (Letter format)

Engineering paper 8x10 with bold leading lines (Letter format)

Important note about printing: Download a pdf file. Open the file in Adobe Reader software. Check Actual size in Page Sizing & Handling options. Other options may disturb scale and inch on paper may be not true inch.

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