Labels for Jams

Free labels for homemade jamsDo you relish the taste of homemade jams, free from preservatives and artificial additives? If so, we encourage you to craft your own jams and embellish the jars with distinctive labels. We have curated a selection of labels in PDF format for various types of fruit. These labels are designed to be printed on self-adhesive paper, allowing you to easily attach them to your personally crafted jam jars. Delight in the pleasure of DIY canning and add a personal touch to each jar!

Apple Jam Labels
Apricot Jam Labels
Apricot Amaretto Jam Labels
Blackberry Jam Labels
Black Currant Jam Labels
Blueberry Jam Labels
Caramelized Onion Jam Label
Carrot Cake Jam Label
Cherry Jam Labels
Cherry-Raspberry Jam Label
Christmas Jam Label
Cinnamon Blueberry Jam Label
Concord Grape Jam Label
Elderberry Jam Label
Fig Jam Labels
Gooseberry Jam Labels
Grape Jam Label
Grapefruit Jam Label
Lemon Jam Label
Mandarin Jam Labels
Orange Jam Labels
Peach Jam Label
Pineapple Jam Label
Plum Jam Labels
Plum Anise Jam Label
Plum Orange Jam Label
Pumpkin Jam Labels
Raspberry Jam Labels
Raspberry Peach Jam Label
Red Currant Jam Label
Redcurrant Jam Labels
Rhubarb Jam Labels
Rhubarb-Orange Jam Label
Spiced Pear Jam Label
Strawberry Jam Labels
Tomato Jam Label
Tri-Berry Jam Label
Very Berry Spread Labels