Calendars for print

2015 calendar for kids to printAre you looking for free printable calendars? This is the right place. In this place you'll find patterns in pdf format calendars that you can print in excellent quality. This way, your children will be able to start learning to move through the calendar and will be able to learn planning.

Fig jam labels

Jars of homemade fig jam. Have you got them at home? If so, you should mark them with interesting labels. Such as those below, for example. Just download pdf file, print it out and stick on the glass. Fig jam jars decorated with pretty stickers will decorate your pantry!

Mandarin jam label

Do you looking for etiquettes on jars of mandarin jam? Here are three nice designs. Just download them, print and stick on jars of jam. Labels should be printed on self-adhesive paper. Have fun with our labels!

Orange jam label

Homemade orange jam should mark nice stickers. Labels on our site are completely free. There is a version for children to color and two labels with pictures of oranges. Just print it on self adhesive sticker printer paper. Then cut them and stick to canning jars. Have fun with our etiquettes for orange jam!

Apple jam label

Have you made domestic apple jam? You can download these nice labels for jars with apple jam. It's absolutely free! Then you can print it on self adhesive sticker printer paper, cut and stick to jars. Enjoy with our labels for apple jam ;)


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