Blackcurrant syrup labels

Have you made domestic blackcurrant syrup? You can download these nice labels for bottles with blackcurrant syrup. It's absolutely free! Then you can print it on self adhesive sticker printer paper, cut and stick to bottles. Enjoy with our labels for blackcurrant syrup ;)

Free Apricot Jam Labels

Have you made homemade apricot jam? Download our stylish labels absolutely free! Simply print them on self-adhesive sticker paper, cut them out, and affix them to your jars. Enhance your apricot jam jars with our beautiful labels and enjoy the beauty they add to your pantry.

Download Apricot Jam Labels

Strawberry Compote Label

Strawberry Compote Free Oval LabelsBring a touch of elegance to your pantry with our free, printable labels for your homemade Strawberry Compote. Whether you're a seasoned home canning enthusiast or just starting out, these labels will add a personal and professional touch to your jars, making them stand out.

The Planet Jupiter - gas giant for colouring

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, a gas giant composed primarily of hydrogen and helium. It is the fifth planet from the Sun. A characteristic element of the planet is the Great Red Spot - a giant storm atmospheric (anticyclone) sizes larger than the diameter of Earth. 67 circling around Jupiter's known satellites including the four largest, discovered by Galileo: Io, Ganymede, Europa and Callisto. Here is a colour sheet with the Jupiter.


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