Plum chutney labels

Have you made domestic plum chutney? You can download these good-looking labels for jars with plum chutney. Then you can print them on self-adhesive sticker printer paper, cut them out and stick to jars. Enjoy with our labels for plum chutney ;)

Outline World Map: Countries

Contour map of the world with national borders marked. Useful in geography lessons for children and students. It can be printed and used for many exercises, e.g. coloring individual countries, entering their names, etc. The map can be downloaded for free. Black and white PDF file. Excellent vector print quality.

Outline World Map: Continents

Free printable outline map of the world. Black and white pdf vector file, perfect for printing. Only the contours of the continents are marked on the map. The continental version can be used for exercises with recognizing continents, for example, painting over various colors, entering their names, marking oceans, etc. The map can be downloaded for free.


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