February 2024 Printable Calendar: Australia

Free February 2024 PDF Printable Calendars. Two calendar versions available - blank and with holidays in Australia. Both versions include week numbers. They can serve as a decoration and a useful monthly planner that you can stick to your fridge. Theme: Winter mountain shelter. February 2024 has 29 days due to it being a leap year.

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February 2024 blank

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Australia holidays: No holidays :(

Did you know that... the main animal symbols of Australia are the kangaroo and the koala. The kangaroo is one of the most recognizable symbols of the country and appears on the national coat of arms. The koala, in turn, is one of the cutest and most distinctive species, primarily living in the forested areas of Australia. Both of these animals are inseparably linked to Australia's identity and constitute an essential part of the country's natural heritage.

February 2024 Australia holidays

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