Hare mask template

I have a hare / rabbit mask template for you.

The mask can be useful for school theater. To make the mask you need brown and white A4 paper. If you do not have brown paper, you can print the template on white paper and paint the mask according to the drawing.
Hare Rabbit mask template printable

1. Print the template twice. Once on thick A4 brown paper. Once on plain white paper.
2. Cut out the drawing from the brown paper around the perimeter (head and ears).
3. Cut out eyes, middle of ears, mouth and teeth from white paper.
4. Stick the white elements on the brown ones.
5. Cut out the eyes (marked in black).
6. You can stick the mustache from thin strips of paper.
7. Make holes on the sides and tie an elastic band.
8. The hare mask is ready :)