Roman Numerals in PDF Table

On this page, you will find a useful table of Roman numerals and their Arabic equivalents. This excellent table is available in PDF format, ensuring excellent vector quality. Download it to have easy access to a comprehensive list of Roman numerals, making it easier for you to navigate in this numeral system. The table includes all numbers from 1 to 100, with clear Arabic values for each Roman numeral. Larger numbers from 100 to 2000 are also included in the table. A great tool for learning, teaching, or just out of curiosity! Download it now and print the table according to your needs.

Roman numerals are a numeral system used in ancient Rome, rooted in the pre-systematic numeral. Here are some important pieces of information about Roman numerals:

Roman Numeral Symbols:
I - 1
V - 5
X - 10
L - 50
C - 100
D - 500
M - 1000

Rules for Composing Numbers:
Addition: Symbols are added if they are arranged from left to right, from largest to smallest. For example: II (2), LXI (61). Subtraction: If a smaller number precedes a larger one, it is subtracted. For example: IV (5 - 1), XC (100 - 10).

Maximum Repetitions:
I, X, C can be repeated at most three times. Other symbols have no limitations.

Representation of Zero and Negative Numbers:
In the ancient Roman system, zero was absent, and negative numbers were not used.

Multiples of Thousands:
Multiples of a thousand are represented by repeating the M symbol.

III - 3
XIV - 14
XXV - 25
XLIX - 49
XCIV - 94
CXXIII - 123
DCCCXC - 890
MCMXCIX - 1999

Contemporary Usage:
Roman numerals are currently used in some contexts, such as clocks, page numbers, and papal years. However, they are not commonly used to represent numbers in everyday mathematics.

Historical Application:
In ancient Rome, Roman numerals were used to record dates, monetary amounts, legion numbers, and other important information.

Understanding the Roman numeral system is important for gaining insight into the history of mathematics and the culture of ancient Rome.

Roman Numerals in PDF Table

Here you can download the PDF file with the table of Roman numerals.

Roman Numerals